API Surveys

Mobile apps continue to be used by more consumers. It is challenging for providers of transactional-based mobile apps to track their customers’ satisfaction levels. And yet, hearing from consumers directly is an important way to meet expectations for superior service in this channel, as well as other online and bricks-and-mortar locations.

Advanis’ API solution lets our clients integrate surveys into their apps to capture the voice of their users.  Our rigorous data collection quality standards, processes and project management expertise deliver data that leads to innovative and creative solutions for our clients. Our API allows you to render surveys natively within your app or website within a shortened development timeline and without the need to create infrastructure to store and report on results. Furthermore, survey changes do not require an application update and will be automatically applied to previous versions of your apps.  With the option to support multiple survey entry points you can survey customers after a transaction, upon user request, or as a regular check-in with users.

Survey results are captured in real time and can are available 24/7 through our online portal.  We offer options to support multiple languages, customer anonymity/data filtering, survey frequency control, real-time email alerts, scheduled file transfers, and daily email summary reports. 

Advanis API – High Level Process Overview

  • Customer Interaction
    • When a customer interacts with your app you can trigger a survey request to our API.
  • Provide Question Set
    • Based on the entry point and variables provided our API will provide the correct question set and answer levels.
  • Survey customer in app
    • Your app natively renders the questions and submits the responses to our API.
  • Post Survey results
    • Our API will interpret the data and apply any cleaning rules before posting to our survey platform.
  • Reporting
    • Results are available immediately through our online portal. Advanis can also post results daily via SFTP.

The Advanis API uses a JSON format and is protected by API security keys.  Each entry point will work on our development, QA, and production environments.  Advanis will work with you to set-up and test your survey and we provide a specification document with details for your implementation.

Email Anu to learn more about our varied data collection methods.
Download our API Survey for Mobile Apps factsheet