Information Security Policy

Last updated on: Nov 4, 2021

Information Security Policy Statement  

Advanis Inc. is a market research company founded in 1990. As a privately owned Canadian market and social research firm, Advanis is known for its innovation, technology leadership, and client responsiveness. Advanis develops all of their own survey software to be sure that they are in complete control of every aspect of information security. Advanis’ information security team performs frequent security assessments internally and for many clients to ensure all data is fully secured.

In an effort to deliver best-in-class information security management, Advanis has attained ISO 27001:2013 certification. By implementing all 112 applicable controls for ISO 27001:2013, Advanis is able to keep our clients and our information assets secure. Advanis’ leading information security management system has been checked by 2 external parties; a consulting company and an auditor.  The certification encompassed each of our three office locations and both of our colocation facilities.

The goal of this Information Security Policy Statement is to ensure that Advanis delivers a high standard of information security throughout its organization. Advanis is committed to maintaining compliance with ISO 27001 and to continually improve its information security program. Through this program Advanis will ensure that we are meeting the needs of our clients as well as all legal and regulatory responsibilities.

Advanis commits to:

  • Achieving the expectations of its customers and relevant regulatory authorities.
  • Implementing an Information Security Management System and ensuring that it is continually improved and supported with the necessary resources required to achieve the commitments written in this policy statement.
  • Implementing and maintaining security policies and procedures to meet ISO 27001 requirements and any other client specifications.
  • Working with clients to deliver research-based insights and advice that help our clients make sound, fact-based decisions about their most crucial marketing, business, and public policy issues.
  • Ensuring all employees follow the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Protecting all internal and client data from loss, damage, disruption, or unauthorized disclosure.

Advanis will continue to achieve its objectives by investing time and resources in its survey platform, staff skills, processes, and policies. These efforts will maintain the high level of expectations that Advanis delivers to all of our clients. Advanis always stays current with technological advances so that cutting edge solutions are delivered. The risk management policies and procedures that are in place allow the business to ensure that the proper efforts are always applied to mitigate any risks that arise.