Advanis provides full service market, social and consumer research. Our consulting work helps our clients take the risk and guesswork out of key decisions at all stages of the product or service lifecycle. We can support research from the agile usage & attitude study to complex evaluations and segmentations. We pride ourselves on our breadth of industry experience, in both the public/NFP and private sectors.


Advanis’ founding partners are world-leaders in discrete choice modeling (literally writing a book on it). From these origins, we’ve continuously evolved and expanded both our quantitative and qualitative analytical capabilities.

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Quantitative Research

Advanis is one of Canada’s most innovative data collection companies. Advanis’ in-house capabilities include a state-of-the-art domestic call center, advanced telecommunication infrastructure, leading-edge IVR and Web based-survey engines, and an enterprise-class online reporting platform.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research provides us with the human side of research, providing researchers with an opportunity to understand “how” and “why” in great detail, often for a smaller number of participants. Leveraging descriptive and projective techniques allows us to uncover unmet needs, pain points, and opportunities to create products, services, communications, and approaches to serve the population being studied.

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