Partnerships: Data Collection

All of our outsourcing clients are excellent researchers and shrewd business people. Their businesses span many industry verticals and research areas. They all have similar views that high quality, reliable, cost effective data collection is vital to their research, but none of them want to worry about the details involved. Most have had CATI capabilities in-house at one point and have decided to transition to a partnership with Advanis for their own reasons. Some realized that research design and analysis was their true passion and that the data collection was an administrative burden. Others knew that their call center technical and management infrastructure was becoming dated, reducing their competitiveness. Still others saw the increasing need to deploy multi-channel data collection strategies to meet their research needs. It was a leap of faith for all of our outsourcing clients to partner with Advanis, but a leap that each and every one is happy that they made.

“Excellent attention to detail. Helpful in problem solving. New innovation with data collection, technology.”

Canadian outsourcing partner

Based on many years of experience, Advanis has honed an all-inclusive, yet customizable solution to meet each client’s business requirements. All solutions provide you with the transparency to be confident both that your client is getting quality data and that you are maintaining your margins.

Multi-Channel Capabilities
Advanis does NOT believe in forcing a project into a particular data collection methodology. To support this view, our proprietary data collection platform tightly integrates all of our data collection channels: CATI, online, IVR, SMS, and transcription/coding. The advantage of this common platform is that multi-channel studies become less complicated and more successful, which results in better value.

Transparent Process
Advanis believes that true partnerships are based on trust and openness. Our platform gives you access to see all the pieces, when you need to. As a partner, you would have your own online project portal that ties everything together. Not only would you have a secure site to transfer survey scripts, Web and CATI forms, and briefing material, you could access all of the recordings of the CATI interviews on the project. In  addition, you could monitor the number of hours logged, completion rates, quotas filled, and other projects statistics in real time.

Flexible Capacity
With a capacity of up to 300 stations, you can be assured that Advanis can handle CATI projects, both large and small, and in many  languages. Redundant server and telephony providers, multiple locations, and many of the strictest security clearances ensure that the service is available when you need it. As an outsource provider for other research companies, we are able to commit to longer-term projects, locking in rates, reserving a set of stations, and dedicating interviewers trained specifically for your projects. We are committed to your needs, and additional growth in capacity only requires days or weeks of notice, not months.

Customizable Solutions
Advanis recognizes that every company is structured differently and that the key to a successful partnership is a smooth integration. Some want to maintain control of the delivery process by using their own professionals to program surveys, manage sample, and clean data using our platform, while Advanis focuses on the field and call center management aspects. Others want Advanis to do everything. Yet others start by maintaining full control and migrate to the full outsourcing solution over time. Regardless of your situation, Advanis can work with you to meet your unique needs.

Project Management
Your projects are our projects. Advanis’ project managers deliver a daily report on quotas, field statistics, and progress toward project milestones. All clients are assigned a project manager for day-to-day contact, and an account manager will always be available for questions or concerns.

No Borders
Advanis has extensive data collection experience around the globe and in many languages.

Email Geoff discuss your data collection needs.