SMS Recruit-to-Survey

Surveying has never been more difficult, as people are inundated with increasing demands on their time and attention. Advanis’ SMS Recruit-to-Survey approach is one of the latest methods we’ve developed to survey mobile and active populations … conveniently on their smartphones. Advanis’ recruiting is an alternative to circulating a generic/open website address to a survey.

Try it yourself. Text “Survey”
to 833 400 0869
*message and data rates may apply


  1. Targeting Power: Allows the researcher to recruit hard-to-find audiences (patients, retail buyers, campers, etc.)
  2. Uniqueness: Survey link is uniquely tied to the respondent’s cellphone number, so respondents with a vested interest cannot “stuff the ballot box” by doing a survey more than once (a key advantage of SMS Recruit-to-Survey over open-link website addresses)
  3. Higher Response: In a world dependent on text messaging, the method is convenient and instant Unlike open online surveys, Advanis can remind people via subsequent messages
  4. Mobile-Optimized: Not only is the recruiting mobile-optimized, but clicking on the link in the message sent by Advanis directs the respondent to a mobile-optimized (“app-like”) survey experience, a result of extensive development and testing by Advanis
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Download our SMS-Recruit-to-Survey factsheet