Advanis has been developing and executing web-based surveys since 1999 and has witnessed the volume of this data collection mode grow substantially since then.

Web surveys are implemented using Advanis’ proprietary software, which is designed to handle complicated survey formats. Programming capabilities include:

  • Conducting surveys in virtually any language, including character-based languages
  • Imbedding media, such as images, sound, or video
  • Automatic toggling to a mobile-optimized template (+40% of survey attempts are mobile)
  • Interactive help systems for standard FAQ
  • Mouseovers & glossaries
  • Complex skip patterns
  • Pipe text based on previous answers
  • Rotate and randomize lists
  • Real-time response checking
  • Ability to support 3,000+ completed surveys per hour per server
  • Customizable templates for generic or client-branded surveys
  • Complex quota handling and checking utilities, and much more

Because Advanis fields web surveys in-house, we are able to employ a rigorous and stringent set of data collection control mechanisms to ensure the highest quality for the data collected, including:

  • Once a survey is programmed, the questionnaire is tested in multiple browsers and email clients
  • Administer a pre-test with respondents to ensure that the survey instrument is working as anticipated
  • Use wording in the email invitation to maximize response rates, based on internal research-on-research
  • Respondents are sent a unique login and password to ensure that only that respondent can complete the web survey, and to track whether a respondent has completed a survey
  • Respondents can stop mid-way and return to the web survey at a later time to the last question they completed
  • Carefully monitor response rates during all stages of the fielding process. Actions are taken to maximize compliance and minimize non-response
  • Monitor response rates from each web domain, taking action if it is lower for a particular set of email addresses
  • Once the survey is in field, an email help button is available to respondents who need assistance
  • The web survey is online 24 hours a day. The system is supported by a 24 hour alert system to IT staff

Advanis has developed an online survey platform that adheres to the WCAG 2.0 AA core principles of accessibility to deliver the necessary tools to ensure that the perspectives of all respondents, including those with auditory and visual impairments, are captured.

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