Advanis believes that CATI continues to play a vital role in market and social research. We invest heavily in innovative solutions to current research challenges. Reinventing the value equation of CATI has allowed our clients to continue using CATI for projects where it is truly the best channel for data collection.

Advanis defines high value CATI as exceptional quality delivered in a time-sensitive manner that will still fit into the research budget. This doesn’t come by accident.

  • Hiring the best interviewers: Advanis receives hundreds of applications per year for the interviewer position and does extensive automated scoring so that we can select the best interviewers.
  • Investing in our interviewers: Extensive training programs and intensive, ongoing coaching ensure interviewers achieve their maximum potential.
  • Multilingual capabilities: We conduct research across all corners of the globe, with capacities in:
    • English
    • French
    • Arabic
    • Spanish
    • Mandarin
    • Hindi
  • Quality is paramount: Although everyone wants lower-cost data collection, this should not come by sacrificing quality. Advanis’ quality standards exceed industry norms.
  • Research-specific CATI software: Advanis only conducts market research and has designed a tightly integrated proprietary software platform that addresses many of the details overlooked by other platforms also used for telemarketing.
  • Patent-pending innovations: Advanis invests heavily in research-on-research to create innovative solutions to difficult research and operational challenges. Our clients benefit from these innovations.
  • Full transparency: Our view is that hiring a call center shouldn’t have to be a black box experience. Advanis provides the tools and communication channels to ensure that you always know the status of your research project, ultimately reducing the chance of cost overruns.
  • CATI expertise: Backed by nearly 20 years of CATI experience, Advanis’ project managers are experts in field management, proactively identifying and resolving challenges before they become problems.

Advanis has successfully engineered solutions that integrate CATI data collection with other methodologies to achieve a solution to some very unique challenges.

  • CATI recruit to online surveys: Ideal for populations that cannot be identified in panels or that require better representation than a panel can offer
  • IVR recruit to CATI: Allows for affordable research of low-incidence populations that requires a survey longer than an IVR can support
  • Blended inbound/outbound CATI solutions: Valuable for target populations that are hard to reach or have unstructured schedules (shift workers, employees who travel), or for projects that require extremely high response rates
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