Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research provides us with the human side of research, providing researchers with an opportunity to understand “how” and “why” in great detail, often for a smaller number of participants. Leveraging descriptive and projective techniques allows us to uncover unmet needs, pain points, and opportunities to create products, services, communications, and approaches to serve the population being studied. These techniques are very much in line with Advanis work using descriptive choice methods – participants indirectly reveal their preferences for features and services rather than stating them directly. 

The Advanis team includes skilled qualitative researchers and moderators. We apply the most appropriate method based on the project specifications, including research needs, budget, and timeline. Our methods include, but are not limited to:

  • In-Person or Online Focus Groups:  Focus groups are an ideal method to explore commonality and differences in experiences with products, programs, or services. They are an excellent way for back-room observers to see and hear respondent experiences and needs first hand. 
  • Online Discussion Groups: Online discussion groups allow researchers to gather participants from across the country into a single online discussion. Activities can include interviews, discussions, and creative activities. Online discussion groups allow for all participants to offer their opinions, without being drowned out by other participants. Typically taking place over multiple days, online discussion groups allow time for reflection, or for stimuli revisions. 
  • In Depth Interviews (IDIs): Telephone and video chat based interviews are excellent for business or professional audiences, or when user experiences are being explored in depth. Our method includes an open chat room for observers to live listen and pass along questions to the moderator. All interviews are recorded, and transcribed interviews are available upon request. IDIs eliminate the constraints of geography.
  • Stakeholder Workshops: Facilitated discussions with key internal or external stakeholders in order to develop future-focused insights and ideas related to the research questions.
  • Online Markup Tools: Advanis regularly incorporates online markup tools into both qualitative research or quantitative surveys to collect initial and detailed impressions of visual stimuli such as advertising, websites, or packaging.

Advanis hosts a focus group facility in Montreal, located at our office in the heart of the city.

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