All research is mobile research, even if you didn’t intend it that way.

86% of Canadians have a smartphone. Add in the robust tablet market, and a large number of survey respondents will be attempting to complete surveys on their mobile devices. Advanis has anticipated this need. Now we’re exceeding the industry standards for mobile optimized surveys.

Q: Should I be doing mobile marketing research?

A: You already are.

What do participants say about our mobile surveys?

  • “Please make all surveys like this; this display style is cool.”
  • “Most companies should use this layout.”
  • “This was the best constructed survey I have ever taken on my mobile phone!”
  •     “The concept is wonderful; the world needs this.”

87% of participants to a recent consumer panel survey say that our mobile surveys are better than others they take.

Mobile Online Surveys

Smartphone usage in North America has reached a tipping point, with over 84% of handsets in the US (Pew American Life). Add to this the robust tablet market, and a lot of research respondents will be attempting surveys on mobile devices. Advanis has anticipated this need, and has been providing mobile friendly online surveys automatically on our projects for a few years. If our server detects that a mobile device is activating, it reverts to a cleaner, mobile optimized template. This exceeds industry standards of mobile detection, taking all the best features found in mobile based apps, and applying them to every survey we publish.

Advanis has been monitoring survey attempts and completions on mobile devices on all surveys, and has seen this grow in recent years. Currently, 40-50% of completed surveys are on a mobile device – even higher in APAC markets. Mobile surveys that take advantage of the tools on the device (e.g., the camera, audio, or video) can add a richness and depth to survey research. 

Along with using the right technology, we can recommend survey design changes that can be made to enhance the user experience.

Mobile Telephone Surveys

Nearly half of American households depend on their wireless phones to make most or all of their telephone calls.  55% of households have no landline, and a further 42% make most calls via wireless1.  If you are conducting CATI research among the “general population”, and are only calling landline households, you are missing a large proportion of the population, enough that you could be drawing incorrect conclusions, lacking the opinion of key constituents. Leading researchers, including the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, Stats Canada and B.C. Stats are rapidly working to include mobile phone numbers in their research studies. Ask us how to ensure you really are reaching your target population when you conduct CATI research.

1 The study was produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)  /

Mobile App Feedback

Advanis’ is proud to announce our latest innovation – our Mobile App Recruiting tool. Our Mobile App Recruiter uses cutting edge technology to deliver real-time, actionable mobile app customer feedback to the desktops of our client’s decision makers. Whether we are recruiting your customers/members who are using your app to:

  • Gain transactional activity feedback;
  • Become a part of your mobile app users online panel;
  • Recruit to Relationship-based, Product Development, Pricing or Channel Development studies
  • Recruit to other Multiple Survey Modes (CATI, IVR, Online)
  • Simply re-contact those that download the app, but never use it.

Advanis is able to effortlessly deliver insights on your delivery promise to your most important assets. Advanis’ Mobile App Recruiter is simply another example of how Advanis differentiates itself in the marketplace:  by combining our creative problem solving, analytical excellence and technological innovation. Please contact us view our mobile whitepaper to learn more.

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