Advanis’ IVR tools and processes are aimed at collecting the most – and most accurate – data possible. Advanis has over 500 IVR lines, allowing us to scale up to more than 400,000 surveys per month. Advanis IVR solutions include the following components:

Generation of sample from customer transaction and CRM data to control sampling bias and reduce the lag between the relevant experience and the survey. Whereas traditional vendors start with sample data, Advanis’ IT capabilities allow us to start one step earlier in the process with transaction and CRM data. For example, in the context of our customer experience studies, this ensures that surveys are associated with the correct agent by reviewing the transaction data and making sure that the customer has not interacted with a different agent between the time the sample was generated and the survey was completed.

Complex survey quota controls to ensure that results are not biased. Examples of these types of controls are:

  • Distributing data collection evenly over the data collection period;
  • Balancing data collection by transaction type;
  • Ensuring that minimum quotas are met and maximum quotas are not exceeded. This is especially important on projects where there are quotas at the agent level. Tens of thousands of individual quotas are regularly handled by individual Advanis projects.

Maximizing response rates using a variety of methods such as call screening reduction methods, voicemail, sophisticated callback approaches, allowing for inbound surveys, multiple modes, etc.

Complete customization of the data collection process to meet the needs of the project. All tools used by Advanis are developed in-house to ensure that we can customize projects fully in a cost-effective manner.

In the context of call center experience programs, eliminating agent involvement to reduce bias.

Supplementing IVR data collection with SMS to further increase response rates when surveying wireless customers. Although text messaging is very popular among younger users, SMS/IVR provides excellent coverage of both young and old.

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