Transcription & Coding

Advanis’ Transcription and Data Coding Services are designed to deliver accurate and robust qualitative data at unmatched throughputs. Best-in-class customer listening tools are key components of that process. We have built them to exceed our own exacting demands for speed at high volume without sacrificing the quality of the data. We provide a guarantee of quality and throughput without compromise. This guarantee encompasses:

  • Speed – 24 to 48 hour turnaround times
  • Volume – The infrastructure to support large scale projects in multiple languages
  • Quality – 100% quality assurance of transcriptions; each transcript is proofread and checked against the original audio and/or video to ensure accuracy

Advanis’ groundbreaking application of technology, our application of innovative process improvements, and our investment in people enable us to meet these demands:


  • Advanis’ ongoing investment in technology exceeds industry averages and puts us amongst the highest spenders in technology on a percentage of revenue-earned basis.
  • Digitally encoded voice recordings allow us to improve recording quality to increase comprehension, organize, and divide the work.
  • Recordings are stored and organized on customized web portals.


  • Large teams enable us to mobilize with little lead-time and handle large volumes.
  • State-of-the-art software cleans audio to ensure greater accuracy during the transcription process.
  • Skilled editors review transcripts line by line, word for word against the audio to ensure validity of the data, using proprietary software.
  • Professionally formatted transcripts are delivered to clients electronically, either via email or customized web portals for increased security and usability.
  • Proprietary coding software enable a team of coders to work on a project simultaneously while maintaining data integrity and quality assurance procedures.
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