Client Experience Measurement

Advanis has developed an approach to client experience measurement that provides actionable, near real-time, outcome-oriented satisfaction data down to the level of individual agents, typically for less than most organizations are already spending on their current programs that only look at more aggregated levels (not individuals). We design and implement entirely new client satisfaction programs from scratch or work within existing programs to deliver performance efficiencies, cost reductions, and more actionable results.

Our programs generate results that are strategic and tactical – usable at both ends of the organizational hierarchy:


Tactical: Call center, retail store, online chat, and other managers are able to use the data as the basis for immediate performance intervention, coaching, remedial training, and variable compensation. They are confident in the knowledge that improvement in the metrics results in improvements to the underlying client experiences, which are in turn linked to bottom-line outcomes such as churn reduction, lower average cost-to-serve, increased customer lifetime value, etc.

Strategic: Client service/client care executives are able to use the results to gauge the impact of service experience strategies, staff assignment/allocation, FTE forecasting, training programs, and supervisory effectiveness on bottom-line metrics such as churn, share-of-wallet, overall/transaction satisfaction, loyalty/lifetime value, and program effectiveness.

Advanis would never be so arrogant as to claim that its performance measurement systems will move the needle on their own. Our clients are the experts in implementation, but we will claim that we can provide individual, as well as aggregate, coaching tools; near real-time feedback mechanisms for customer “save” programs; easy-to-interpret online tools (that your managers won’t need a degree in advanced math to interpret); and the cost-effective volumes of data you need to have confidence that the changes you’re seeing are real.

Client Experience Dashboards

You gather great client experience data. The challenge is organizing, synthesizing, and sharing it to continuously improve your organization. Advanis has been delivering dashboards to our clients since the early 2000s; tools that help them accomplish exactly this goal.


Advanis’ reporting helps our store managers to monitor key metrics on a daily basis. The reports are easy to use and allow each user to understand the strengths and improvement opportunities for their area of responsibility. 
Customer experience manager, major US telecommunications company

Although there are a number of ways that our dashboards can help your organization share up-to-the-minute feedback from your customers/clients, we’d like to highlight three:

  • Customizable
    • We design dashboards based on your objectives and data; we don’t “force you” into our box
    • Our in-house programming team does the customizations; we don’t use external software
  • Scalable
    • Include multi data sources – including data collected by you or other researchers
    • Used by thousands of users daily to monitor hundreds of thousands of individual survey results
  • Useable
    • Highly attractive graphing and drilldown reports
    • Mobile accessible
    • No software required, yet still encrypted and login secured

Learn more about on online reporting dashboards here, or by looking at recent public work we have published.

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