Literature Review and Jurisdictional Scan

For some projects, secondary research at the beginning of the project is key to not only improving our knowledge of the subject of the study, but to determine key factors such as population proportions, regional or geographic factors, and other determining factors. This stage also allows us to be properly informed before we have our initial discussions and interviews with the primary stakeholders.

Thus, at the project outset, Advanis will set aside time for key team members to review any documentation provided by our clients to help enhance our understanding of the subject matter, but will also do secondary research where applicable.

Examples of projects that required considerable research and literature review in order to improve our subject matter expertise were the projects we conducted for both Health Canada and the Government of Alberta on cannabis. Key team members spent considerable amounts of time researching and learning about cannabis itself, as well as the various ways it can be consumed and the approaches to legalization in other jurisdictions. This background research allowed Advanis to better co-design the research instruments prior to fielding, and also to provide more insightful and actionable insights in the final analysis and reports.

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