Online Reporting Environments

You’ve collected the data. Now it’s time to tell the story. Advanis has created a suite of online reporting tools to access, analyze and share the results, designed to make your life easier. You do not need any software licenses to access the data, just permission-based access to our secure online portal. We deliver the data to your fingertips, so you can easily create dynamic charting, reports with or without commentary and export them to Powerpoint or Excel. And, you don’t have to be a research analyst to figure out how to use it!

Get set up with Advanis’ online reporting tools. Our high-quality and highly efficient data analysis tools are designed specifically for data derived from research surveys. Some features include:

  • Statistical Testing
  • Weighting (handles multiple schemes)
  • Multilingual
  • Charting
  • Import data sets
  • Save reports, with commentary
  • Publish ‘read only’ reports
  • Make reports public
  • Export to PowerPoint
  • Export to Excel

For the Law School Survey of Student Engagement (LSSSE), Advanis has developed an online reporting tool that has been made publicly available. We invite you to visit to experience the powerful functionality of our online reporting tool. 

Also, an example of a recently published report using our online reporting environment can be found here.

Software Plus Service

Advanis does not offer Software as a Service. We offer Software plus Service. We know that you can do most things yourself, but if you don’t have enough time, expertise, or would like an outside eye, let us know. We can tap in to our team of experienced researchers and IT professionals, who would be pleased to lend you a hand.


Our pricing model keeps your costs in line with the value delivered. They are based on the number data sets and users. We provide volume discounts per data set and user. Let us help you tell the story with your data.


We know that data security and access controls are table stakes. Drawing upon our experience with hundreds of clients over the past 25 years, we have built them right in to our online reporting environments:

  • Secure online portal
  • 3 tier web architecture
  • Firewalls and NIPS
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Strict password rules, or
  • Can work with your SSL
  • All servers and data in Canada
  • User based access control
  • Limit access to data sets
  • Limit access to subsets of data
  • Limit access to features
  • Limit access to administration (add/remove users, change access controls)
Email Anu to learn more about how Advanis can customize an ORE to meet your business needs.
Download our Online Reporting Environment (ORE) factsheet