Partnerships: Analytics

Advanis was founded in 1990 to provide analytical support to consultancies and agencies lacking expertise in discrete choice analysis. Although our company has grown into a robust, full-service agency in our own right, we have never stopped partnering with leading consultancies and agencies, providing custom, flexible analytics and design support. Here’s why Advanis is the right partner for you.

“Proactive, responsive, detail oriented and flexible.”

A large finance/insurance client in Ontario

“Others aren’t Advanis. You give solutions and they give excuses.”

Government research client

A proven track record of industry leading expertise

Advanis has been at the forefront of analytics, specifically choice modelling and max diff, since its inception. Two of our founders, Jordan Louviere and Joffre Swait, are among leading academics in these fields. Our current EVP of Research Services, Adriana Bernardino, studied with Jordan and Joffre, and brings 20+ years of experience to client engagements. She has trained a highly skilled team of analytics professionals.

Customizable Solutions
Advanis doesn’t rely upon off-the-shelf tools for its survey hosting, choice based experimental designs, online reporting or marketing simulators. Our computing science development team, in tight integration with our research science team, have developed a highly customizable suite of tools. By having access to executive level research scientists, you can be assured that your project will incorporate both the art and the science of modelling – tailored to solving your clients’ pressing business questions.

Project Management
Your projects are our projects. Advanis’ project managers deliver a daily or weekly progress report toward project milestones. All clients are assigned a project manager for day-to-day contact, and an account manager will always be available for questions or concerns.

Multi-Channel, Large Scale, Global Capabilities
Advanis does NOT believe in forcing a project into a particular data collection methodology. To support this view, our proprietary data collection platform tightly integrates all of our data collection channels: CATI, online, IVR, SMS, and transcription/coding. The advantage of this common platform is that multi-channel studies become less complicated and more successful, which results in better value. With a capacity of up to 300 stations, you can be assured that Advanis can handle CATI projects, both large and small, and in many languages. We offer data collection in 14+ languages, whether online or on the telephone. All of our surveys are mobile compatible.

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