An image of Michael Williams, our Founder and President

Michael Williams


As a computer scientist doing his MBA, Michael founded Advanis in 1990 thinking that he was going to build a software-for-research company. Instead, his entrepreneurial, never-say-can’t leadership created a full-service market research firm – one that is grounded in integrity, innovation, and industry, and in so doing, has become a consultancy that sets standards to which our competitors aspire.

Michael is inspiring (going on at length if given the opportunity!) about the exciting challenges available in market research. He’s constantly striving to improve how Advanis delivers research, ensuring that the entire company continuously pursues better ways of doing things (efficiency) and ways of doing better things (effectiveness). In 2021, he acquired an ESOMAR membership which demonstrates his commitment to continuously broadening his knowledge.


Michael is never far from clients. He remains involved in designing and improving projects. He has extensive market and social research experience in North America, Australia, and Europe.

Michael also loves spending time in the Rocky Mountains, in the past climbing them, and in the present, hiking and biking them.

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