Transportation & Travel


Transportation infrastructure is rapidly changing, attracting investment from both public and private sector. New technology (e.g., autonomous vehicles), new partnerships (e.g., private companies offering on demand ride shares), and new demand (e.g., increasing desire for regional public transit) as well as an increase in online retail delivery and it is no wonder that transportation is one of the most dynamic industries.

Recent/current engagements include:

  • Conducting a household survey for a large urban area in support of the regional transportation master plan.
  • Understanding the first mile / last mile transportation choices of commuters using regional trains.
  • Evaluating commuter train vs. driving choices for suburban residents.
  • Conducting research on payment choices when using transit, including motivators to use automated payment options.


Expectations of travellers continue to increase, as they look for unique experiences in unique places. Travel providers work to enhance experiences while increasing load factors and managing resource price increases. Recent engagements include:

  • Measuring the preference for different ‘in flight’ configurations of amenities for a national airline.
  • Evaluating travel loyalty point offerings for impact on preference and usage.
  • Configuring a travel credit card to retain loyalty and attract new cardholders.
  • Providing an inbound call and email support office for a government agency promoting travel to the area.
  • Segmenting the travel market, and developing marketing campaigns that appeal to each traveler persona.
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