Technology touches our lives daily. In recent years, it has been the catalyst for disruptive change, influencing how people interact with each other and with products and services that they use. Technology has also stimulated change in the ways we communicate and create, as technology becomes mobile and oriented to touch over type.

Technology companies are under constant pressure to predict and react to disruptive changes and reduce the traditional launch cycle of hardware and software. As such, they must bring the voice of the consumer to the table – understanding the ways that consumers work, play, and interact. 

Advanis counts some of the top technology brands in the world among its most loyal clients. They entrust us to interpret consumer opinions and attitudes in order to improve satisfaction and to design and price upcoming product releases. Recent/current engagements include:

  • Regularly conducting foundational research on areas of thought leadership for our client’s content strategy teams, providing research results that attract media attention to our client’s digital content.
  • Product line-up testing for a tiered (free/freemium/paid) line-up of e-commerce tools.
  • International customer experience tracking and reporting and modeling for a top producer of mobile and desktop technology.
  • Usage and attitude tracking for a global leader in professional software.
  • Sales channel preference research for new purchasers of online software.
  • Usability research for software attached to mobile devices for a leading US wireless carrier.
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