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Sandra Olarte

Senior Consultant

Sandra is an integral team member of the Advanis Methodology and Advanced Analytics team. With over 20 years of experience in research and evaluation, Sandra possesses a unique combination of an MSc in Statistics and a BBA in Marketing. This blend equips her with business analytics and strategic knowledge, allowing clients to derive maximum value from their research.

Before joining Advanis in 2006, Sandra worked as a six-sigma analyst in a major technology company, and as a research analyst, teaching assistant, and statistical consultant for four different universities. Sandra earned her CAIP designation from the Canadian Research Insights Council in 2021. Sandra is fully proficient in English and Spanish.

Sandra excels at statistical tools required for success in studies involving complex data analytics and modeling. She applies her expertise in numerous industries, including education, financial services, technology, telecommunications, health, science, non-profit and professional associations, as well as government.

Sandra is also an aerial circus artist who specializes in experimental aerial apparatus and has performed locally and internationally in theatre productions, events, and arts festivals. She serves as a board member of several local arts organizations.

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