Associations / Not For Profit

In an effort to set priorities, population studies are a statistically valid way of measuring attitudes, opinions, and characteristics of a population, providing key insights in strategic program planning. Program evaluations and satisfaction research provide a check on programs and policies, ensuring that they are effectively and efficiently meeting their stated objectives and helping to improve them if necessary.

Recent engagements with not for profit organizations or associations include:

  • Working with a co-operative of local electrical distribution companies to conduct an assessment of member satisfaction, as well as with the marketplace in general, in order to support strategic planning.
  • Working with professional regulatory bodies to evaluate the services that they provide to their registered professionals, and the perception of the general public in the success of meeting their mandate.
  • Conducting an annual membership survey of members of a consortium of religious based charities, helping to refine member services.
  • Conducting a brand awareness study for a local not-for-profit organization to identify opportunities to increase brand awareness and strength the perceived value of the brand.
  • Working with a medical association, we evaluated the impact and effectiveness of the Prevention In Hand health information program, from the perspectives of the general public and of health professionals.

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