Our Team

Advanis has is a team of 50+ professionals, with offices across the country to serve you. Our team backgrounds range from math and statistics, natural and social sciences, computer science, economics, marketing, business, and finance. Advanis is unique in that our market research team trains on all aspects of research - survey design and implementation, project and data collection management, and reporting - at the start of their careers, creating well rounded consultants who can advise your business.

Advanis is made up of three core teams involved in client delivery: Market ResearchComputing, and Field Operations. These teams work together to provide our clients with the tools and knowledge needed to solve their research problems with insight and rigor. As an independant, privately owned company, Advanis is managed by our president and executive team.



Our team

Michael Williams


As a computer scientist doing his MBA, Michael founded Advanis in 1990 thinking that he was going to build a software-for-research company. Instead, his entrepreneurial, never-say-can’t leadership created a full-service market research firm.

Adriana Bernardino

Executive Vice President, Research

Adriana is passionate about finding creative solutions for complex problems.

Gary Offenberger

Executive Vice President, Market Research Services

Market research is all about people—not only the consumers but also the professionals doing the research.

Geoff Hansen

Executive Vice President, Information Technology & Field Services

Some people in IT field are passionate about technology just for the ‘cool’ factor. Geoff is passionate about applying technology to solve business challenges and improve efficiency. Perhaps this is not surprising as his post-graduate degree is in Economics.

Anu Bhalla

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Anu has spent the past 20 years developing and managing key accounts and client partnerships. Anu has worked across all sectors including Financial Services, Telecommunications, QSR, Retail, Energy and Mining, Technology, Government departments and agencies, as well as non-profit.  

Lori Reiser


Lori believes that market research, done well, can arm executives with the right information to make their 'gut instinct' right, more often. She doesn't just deliver insights, she delivers a robust, cross-industry and forward looking approach to research. 

Mary Ann Charters


Mary Ann has led complex product pricing, bundling, and product development engagements within the telecommunications, technology, and financial services industries. Mary Ann also has significant experience in the public sector arena. 

Matthijs Visser


Matthijs designs and leads projects in both the private and public sectors, often involving high-volume data collection methodologies, sophisticated quota schemes, and creative reporting solutions, including online approaches.

Nicolas Toutant

Vice-President, Research and Evaluation

Nicolas specializes in evaluating government programs. His notable experience in this field includes work as an evaluation and research adviser for several organizations.