Finance & Insurance

Although a mature industry, retail banks, credit card providers and insurers still work hard to provide compelling value to their customers, winning valuable market share. New offers, bundled services, different service platforms, emerging needs, and technology are transforming the products and services that financial institutions are offering consumers every day.

Recent engagements include:

  • Helping a retail bank determine hours for its "bricks and mortars" locations nationwide. Using a discrete choice experiment, Advanis was able to determine which hours would move customer traffic between online, telephone and in-person channels. Working with internal finance data, our client was able to develop a strategy that optimized profit per customer. 
  • For several years, we have worked with a virtual bank to monitor client satisfaction with their experiences in both the telephone and online channels. We identify changes in performance, and trends over time. 
  • Working in the highly competitive short-term lending market, our client monitors experiences of its own customers, as well as experiences with customers of their prime competitors. Results of these studies are used to refine marketing and product offerings. 
  • A chequing account is the flagship product for a retail bank. Holding a customer's primary account greatly increases the likelihood that the bank will be able to win other business (e.g., mortgages, investments).

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